Computers and Media

Computer Science

Use your skills of analysis and design to create programs with the same software the pros use; compile and execute programs; and follow established documentation standards. Use a program editor to enter and modify code; identify errors; and perform integration testing. Write code to perform arithmetic calculations; employ modules; and use conditional structures in writing programs, repetitive structures, simple data types and strings. Implement arrays in programs; identify correct syntax for declaring and initializing arrays of data types; access elements; manipulate data; employ programming; and perform run-time error handling. Earn industry recognized certifications. May be available for college credit (Dual Enrollment).

Offered at Cholla, Palo Verde High Magnet, Sabino, Sahuaro, Tucson High Magnet and University High School

Scope and Sequence

Computer Science Year 1 Teals (in PDF)
Computer Science Year 2 Teals (in PDF)
AP Computer Science (in PDF)
Computer Science Year 1 Swift (in PDF)
Computer Science Year 2 Swift (in PDF)

  • Software Applications Developer
  • Computer Systems Analyst  
  • Computer Systems Engineer  
  • Network Systems Administrator  
  • Database Administrator  
  • Business Intelligence Analyst Web Developer  
  • Computer Programmer
  • Software Systems Developer
  • Software Quality Assurance Tester

Digital Printing

Develop advanced skills to produce and edit digital images and video/animation, develop interactive media, manage digital media and provide instruction for below-the-line film occupations. Apply software supporting data capture and manipulation, engage in pre- and post-production, create a car wrap, door wrap, Quick Response Codes, and Personal URL’s. Learn various digital printing methods including ink jet technology, screen printing, lithography, flexography, Google Analytics, interactive website development, and more. Earn industry recognized certifications. Available at some locations for college credit (Dual Enrollment).

Offered at Tucson High Magnet School


  • Prepress Technician
  • Printing Machine Operator
  • Desktop Publisher
  • Graphic Designer
  • Illustrator

Digital Photography

Investigate the history and evolution of media, social media, business practices, legal/ethical issues, and emerging technology in relation to photography. Create innovative photographs using professional digital cameras, photo shoots, computers, Photoshop, graphics, color control procedures, lighting and focusing techniques, and large format printers. Organize and use a file-based workflow and/or conversion system, image storage, file transfer, data capturing, edit digital images, understand various file formats, use different framing techniques, create a web proof page for clients, and practice equipment maintenance and workplace safety. Develop and present a professional portfolio for review/critique and publication.  Earn industry recognized certifications. Available at some locations for college credit (Dual Enrollment). 

Offered at Pueblo, Rincon, Sabino, Sahuaro and Tucson High Magnet

Scope and Sequence

Digital Photo Year 1 (in PDF)
Digital Photo Year 2 (in PDF)

  • Photojournalist
  • Videographer and Cinematographer
  • Camera Operator and Portrait Photographer
  • Photo Editor
  • Photo Retouch Specialist
  • Event and Sports Photographer
  • Magazine Advertising

Film and TV

Study the media industry (film, TV, multimedia, electronic journalism, music/audio) business practices, ethics, safety standards, laws, and social impact. Master verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills, as well as professional etiquette for web, email, and social communications. Learn computer applications, relevant software and equipment, data capture and manipulation, terminology, music/audio development, and pre- and post-production procedures. Create a visual story through effective cinematography techniques using the camera, lighting, and sound as well as skills in producing, directing, and editing. Create multimedia presentations and portfolios, and participate in competitions demonstrating industry standards. Earn industry recognized certifications. Available at some locations for college credit (Dual Enrollment). 

Offered at Palo Verde Magnet High, Pueblo, Rincon and Tucson High Magnet

Scope and Sequence

Film and TV Year 1 (in PDF)
Film and TV Year 2 (in PDF)

  • Independent Filmmaker
  • Broadcast Journalist
  • Public Information Officer
  • Reporter/Correspondent
  • Journalist
  • Broadcast News Analyst

Graphic Design

Create logos, advertising materials, product packaging, and wide array of artistic projects demonstrating verbal, nonverbal, written, and electronic communication skills. Learn about the media industry, its history, ethics, laws, business practices, production processes, distribution, safety standards, societal impact, Internet, and social media. Experience product creation pre-production, post-production, including research, design principles, media applications, industry standard software, photography, technology, formatting, editing, equipment use, and teamwork. Present and deliver/distribute products using various media in accordance with consumer expectations and monitor quality assurance. . Earn industry recognized certifications. Available at some locations for college credit (Dual Enrollment). 

Offered at Cholla, Pueblo, Sabino and Tucson High Magnet

Scope and Sequence

Graphic Design Year 1 (in PDF)
Graphic Design Year 2 (in PDF)

  • Multimedia Designer
  • Animator

Music/Audio Production

Engage in pre-production planning, understanding the roles of composers, performers, engineers and producers as related to the music industry. Design the operation and execution of industry-standard audio production for small and large-scale recording sessions using the proper equipment, instruments and techniques. Perform post-production duties using audio signal processors and effects, multi-track audio mixing, and audio mastering techniques. Learn key factors that will contribute to your success in the media industry, understand intellectual property law and rights management, and the technical skills to capture, manage, and manipulate media files. Earn industry recognized certifications. May be available for college credit (Dual Enrollment).

Offered at Cholla High School

Scope and Sequence

Music and Audio Year 1 (in PDF)
Music and Audio Year 2 (in PDF)

  • Audio Engineer
  • Radio/Television Announcer
  • Performance Artist
  • Musician
  • Teacher
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