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About Us
Welcome to the Inclusiveness webpage for the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusiveness (EDI) Department. The content of this webpage is intended to support TUSD Vision: Inspiring a diverse community to connect, learn, innovate, and lead a better world.

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TUSD’s EDI Department is committed to being allies in creating a positive, nurturing, and inclusive school culture and environment that leads to conditions in which every student can thrive.

Within our beautiful and diverse community there are many representations, intersections, and lived experiences, our team fully acknowledges will not be able to give voice to all.  We hope you find the information and resources provided informative and educational.

image of Kinasha Brown, assistant superintendent of EDI, a black woman with hair in updo, white jacket, and shiny necklace
Kinasha Brown, Ed.D
Assistant Superintendent of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusiveness (EDI)
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