Mansfeld, built in 1929, was named after Jacob S. Mansfeld, a school board member from 1888 to 1891. Renovations and additions were completed the summer of 1995.

Children and teachers at Mansfeld not only walk in a historic building, but also in the footsteps of great people. Arizona Supreme Court Justice Stanley Feldman, singer John Denver (Deutschendorf), astronaut Frank Borman, Montreal Expos baseball player Ron Hassey, City Councilwoman Molly McKasson, and Pima County Superior Court Judge Thomas Meehan studied and played at the school. We hope and expect that the students and adults who visit and use our campus will recognize this proud tradition and help us retain it.

Jacob Mansfeld (1832-1894)
A Tucson pioneer whose descendents still live here. He is responsible for opening the first Tucson Public Library. He was instrumental in determining the site of and obtaining the land for our neighbor, the University of Arizona. His family donated the land on which Mansfeld stands.

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